Inspired by stories around us.

“My favorite time is
Sunday morning
in the park
with good music
and a cup of coffee”

Pauze Smart Accessories

“I love running on the beach, where my hair is talking with
the air and my feet are chatting with the sand”

“I make sure
to provide movement
to my body every day,
even if it's for a
little while.
It makes me feel happy”

Pauze Smart Lifestyle Accessories

“With all the noise
around in a metro train,
I find my peace in the
heart-touching music”

“Trekking makes me
strong, not just
physically, but also

Pauze Smart Accessories

Hello folks!

For us, PAUZE isn’t just a halt that one takes in life to break the monotonous routine. It’s more about living the little moments between all the mad rush around us.  

PAUZE brings in the experience of letting you feel the relief of living in your happy world. The whole idea behind bringing the PAUZE wearable to your lives was to help you explore your journey towards self-love and self-care.  

Everything connected to PAUZE will enhance your experience of living in the moment. Be it the smartwatch range or the Bluetooth neckbands, every wearable by PAUZE is curated to deliver an immersive experience where each moment is lived and cherished without the worry of tomorrow - Prashant Doshi & Akshay Banthia.

Pauze Smart Wearables

  • for you.
  • with you.
  • in your moments.
  • with your moments.